Welcome to admago

admago GmbH is an international project enterprise, an “idea and technology blacksmith” that works with young technology companies and marketing agencies to:

  • support creative and innovative start-ups with capital, know-how, services and business/sales contacts,
  • develop, technologically implement and internationally market project ideas and
  • support companies in the area of full service e-commerce, marketing and sales on a participation/success basis.

admago GmbH provides and ensures

  1. (inter)national e-commerce/marketing concepts
  2. technological and organisational project planning
  3. commercial and contractual implementation
  4. implementation of e-commerce projects/services
  5. IT project management as part of a collaboration
  6. success-based project and agency controlling to ensure project budgets and project objectives

admago GmbH operates

with interdisciplinary and operatively reliable expertise using contractually secure technology partners, agency participation and a network of freelancers with various IT skills for successful project implementation.

They develop innovative and extensive staff resources in the fields of software architecture, database integration, software development, multimedia and web design, online marketing, performance marketing and search engine optimisation.

admago GmbH develops and implements

in-house developments as an example of innovative e-commerce: