Movie-Pic - innovative multimedia solution of admago

Product refinement and value added by Movie-Pic

The use of Movie-Pic

Movie-Pic creates added value with the refinement of products and services, for example, by:

  1. expanding the core properties of the product that are decisive in determining its functionality (e.g. in photo books/calendars) and/or
  2. expanding the core properties of the product that correspond with the key (use) function (e.g. use in print media or informative and reading material) and/or
  3. expanding the basic services of the product that the customer expects when purchasing the product from the supplier (e.g. the offer of individual consultation services)

Customers/end users have these additional benefits through innovative and expanded product properties, as well as business customers through further unique selling points in the market. By including new client groups or opportunities to increase revenue/profit with existing products, competitiveness is significantly improved.

The Movie-Pic innovation

The Movie-Pic application has an enormous edge over current technologies:

  1. Movie-Pic is easy and quick to install from the App Store (also available as a neutral/individual app for business customers).
  2. Movie-Pic can be used straight away.
  3. Movie-Pic is completely free from restrictions and can be used later on without internet access and without any markings, codes etc. (see QR code).
  4. Multimedia content can be inserted/swapped later on.
  5. Unlike QR codes, Movie-Pic runs optionally in the respective image format or in full screen mode. By double tapping/touching, the full screen mode can be activated for photos and videos and then deactivated again.

Conclusion: These many technological benefits over QR codes, for example, will make photographic products or advertising materials an unforgettable multimedia experience for generations to come.

Specific application possibilities for Movie-Pic

Considering the described additional value of Movie-Pic, this application can be used, for example, as follows:

  1. Mul­ti­me­dia in photographic products (photo books, calendars, greetings cards, photo mugs, posters and photo walls)
    Photo books are reminders for us and future generations. An extensive study of end users shows that even the print of a QR code, for identification or new downloads, in a lovingly designed photo book will often be seen as annoying or unsightly. If people were to look later on at the out-dated QR code or out-dated QR code technology, people would find it amusing at best.The photography products provided with multimedia content can be labelled optionally with or without characters/markings (also possible with a company logo). The videos can be seen flexibly in picture sections or full-screen mode.Picture galleries or collections that have been created because of a certain situation can be systematically archived. The time-consuming searching and sorting of pictures will not be necessary in the future. Multimedia content can also be inserted, changed or deleted afterwards.
  2. Multimedia in print media, and information and teaching material
    Whether they are being put in a newsletter, daily newspaper or product flyer, there is no limit to your ideas! Up until now, something like this would only be seen in a Harry Potter film. In the magical “Daily Prophet” newspaper, moving films (videos) were played in place of photographic images.The informative and entertainment value of the respective print media will increase enormously! Right now, in our information and knowledge-based society, most people would prefer to gain information by ways other than reading. Movie-Pic makes this possible!
  3. Multimedia in marketing or sales promotion campaigns
    Products carrying the Movie-Pic label – also called “talking products” – are self-explanatory on smart phones or tablets. They offer end users and business partners significant added value! The customer can use it flexibly and completely confidentially in order to gain all the product information or advice they need for their purchasing decision at points of sale (with an earpiece) or on the World Wide Web. Business partners will benefit from having a competitive and economic edge.

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